Monday, June 1, 2009

YaYW returns to the Easton Community Centre to bring you the latest and very best in innovative contemporary performance, site-specific work, live art, installation and interventions alongside live music and world food.
With over ten emerging and established artists and companies taking part from as far as Australia, Singapore and Spain not forgetting some local Bristol and UK favourites, a specially commissioned new outdoor performance work, alongside the results of a project facilitated by a local artist working with refugee women, YaYW is full to bursting with exciting performance adventures!

Tinned Fingers – The Carrier Pigeon Project
This local young performance company will be taking over the cycle path behind the Easton Community Centre in a new You and Your Work commissioned interactive performance ‘The Carrier Pigeon Project.’ As an audience member Tinned Fingers invites you to entrust them with your messages, they are ready to send, deliver and receive.

Joana Cifre Cerda – Hone (bitter) Sweet Home
This is an outdoor durational work from Spanish artist Joana Cifre Cerda, who, accompanied by her sister will build, disassemble and rebuild elaborate brick houses around themselves. This work embodies the constant fight to escape, the desire to belong and the need to overcome obstacles.

Folake Shoga – Lost photographs
Local artist Folake Shoga will be on hand in her intimate one to one performance ‘Lost Photographs’ where she will attempt to draw for each audience member a precious. photograph they have since mislaid. Meditating on travel, relocation and history this work is a poignant reminder of where we come from and what we hold dear

Lynn Lu – Film Works: You Are, Letter to Self and Walking a Mile
Singapore based performance and installation artist Lynn Lu will show a series of film works which are all bound by their questioning of place, context and humanity. Lu works to create
resonant relationships between her live and remote audiences which explore the innate human capacity for empathy

Rhiannon Chaloner and the Refugee Women of Bristol
Rhiannon is a cross-disciplinary visual artist who has been commissioned by YaYW to work with a group of local Bristol based refugee and asylum seeking women. The group have worked together to develop a series of art works which explore personal interpretations of home and identity through the various mediums of documentary photography and video as well as hybridised Fair-Isle knitting patterns. This is a two part project which will culminate at the September YaYW event, the groups initial findings can be seen in the form of an installation on the first floor.

Louise Ritchie & Friends – Here Comes Everybody
Aberystwyth based artist Louise Ritchie will front a team of four performers who, armed with notebooks, video cameras and curiosity will attempt to capture the in-between moments of the evening. ‘Here Comes Everybody’ is an event of non-events, a cacophony of overheard conversations, stolen gestures and found objects, see the team throughout the event record, observe and capture moments before presenting their findings towards the end of the evening.

Orbita – The Stars Below Us
The end is nigh or so say local theatre makers Orbita in their new performance ‘The Stars Below Us.’ Starting with the end of the world they explore humankind’s relationship with the cosmos, time and the interconnected nature of everything ever. Fusing science fiction and science fact, lecture with animation and live music, Orbita tell a tale of a time when life was simpler and the sun brighter.

Emily Orley & Katja Hileveera – Ivory Towers
‘Ivory Towers’ is a brief but evocative performance installation where London based artists Katja Hilevaara and Emily Orley will construct an epic table top landscape from domestic cutlery. The duo seek to construct unstable and unfixed images which are fleeting, unexpected and powerful.

Alex Bradley and Dane Watkins – Love Match (version 1.0)
Bristol based Alex Bradley who has been working for over 18 years making innovative developments within live and digital art, sonic practices and installation, will join forces with animator Dane Watkins for their new work ‘Love Match.’ Mixing virtual and real worlds this lecture style performance quickly becomes a search for love and the lengths we will go to find it.

Malcolm Whittaker – The Red Room
Heading up the line up will be a rare chance to see this Sydney based performance artist’s new show which focuses on the performer’s fear and desire for the spotlight, ‘The Red Room’ is a space where the performance is longing to and resistant to take place. Will you help Malcolm make it through the fear?

With its emphasis on social as well as artistic exchange YaYW6 will also play host to live music from Yonbi, Dan xxx, Corners of Nowhere and Sultan Seaboard alongside offering Jamaican food and refreshments.

You and Your Work 6 was Co-Produced and Curated by Jo Bannon and Sylvia Rimat
YaYW6 is funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, Groundwork UK South West and Quartet Community Foundation (Grassroots Grant)
Special thanks go to Liz and all at the Easton Community Centre, Hazel and everyone at Refugee Women of Bristol, all our volunteers and everyone who gave of their time to make this event possible.